4 Best Indian Websites With No Sign Up

India is one of the most populated countries in the world but there aren’t much Indian dating websites that we know of. It seems to be slightly unfair because Indians are the carriers of a magnificent culture and just kind and interesting people in general. Therefore, we would like to offer a list of 4 free online dating sites in India without registration or payment.

India.Proximeety Site Review


The very name of this dating website implies that it is deemed to bring Indian people from all over the world closer to each other as well as opening this beautiful and exotic country to Americans who have previously had little to no knowledge about the Gem of Asia.
This Indian dating site without sign up was founded in 2005 by the Indian company called B-City. Since that time, the india.proxeemity.com have developed a rather respectable network which includes around 30 countries. Regardless of where you live, whether it is the United States or Hungary, if you really have the desire to try and make friends with Indian people, then india.proxeemity.com should be your primary choice.
The website itself has a minimalistic and slick design and an intuitive interface, so you won’t spend too much time figuring out how to start chatting with Indian women or men. Another positive feature of this is the dating website without registration and payment. It means that you don’t have to share your personal data or pay a single cent to start getting acquainted with gorgeous Indian girls and handsome men. Moreover, india.proxeemity.com is very well localized into the English language which excludes any confusions and misunderstandings when browsing the website or chatting with the lovely Indian people.
What’s also good about this website is that it doesn’t “force” the romantic relationships upon its users. If you are not looking for a romance but just want to have a chat to find out more about Indian mentality of culture, you can always do that in the free online chat room at india.proxeemity.com

GetClose.in site review


Getclose.in is one of the most popular dating sites without registration in India. It has profiles of people from all over the country. You can even search new acquaintances by cities or regions. You can find friends, or maybe even love, anywhere from Andheri to Velacheri, in Andhra Pradesh or West Bengal. Visit this online dating website that allows dating in India without registration to get closer to the wonderful and friendly Indian people. It doesn’t matter where you live, in the United States or Italy, getclose.in will give you a chance to meet smart and attractive people from all over India. You will certainly find out that Indians should not be judged by such stereotypes as Bollywood or Kamasutra. This nation has way more to offer than just dancing and curry. Indians are kind, caring, honest, and funny. And if you are an admirer of the Eastern beauty, you will definitely be amazed at how many stunning women there are in India. Perhaps you may think that Indian women are very prudent and conservative, but we can assure you that they are not only open-minded but also very educated, outgoing, and adventurous.
And if you are an Indian man or a woman who is looking for romantic relationships and maybe something more serious, than getclose.in will be like a gold mine for you. None of the free dating sites in India without registration have such an extensive database of single men and women who want to find love and start a happy family.

MeetIndiansOnline.com  site review


Frankly speaking, meetindiansonline.com is one of the most beautifully designed dating sites without registration in India. It has an eye-pleasing color scheme and an intuitive interface which will be understandable even for those who have never visited a dating website. It should be noted that meetindiansonline.com will be a wonderful choice for Indians living in the United States who want to meet, date and maybe initiate a serious relationship with people from their Motherland or other Indians from the US. An interesting feature of this particular dating website is that the user can search the possible matches not only by name, place of residence or age but also by the caste to which his/her desired acquaintance may belong. Perhaps it may seem weird for a non-Indian user who thinks about spending some time on this Indian dating site that requires no registration, but it can be yet another reason to visit meetindiansonline.com and find out the actual difference between these castes and the influence such affiliation with certain caste exerts on interpersonal relationships. As you can see, the Indian world is full of exoticism and interesting customs. Isn’t that the reason to register on meetindiansonline.com?


Despite being the last on our list, indiandating.co.in is definitely among the finest Indian dating sites without sign up. It is specifically focused on the English-speaking users who live in India, Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. It doesn’t mean that it is accessible only to the people of Indian descent. Anyone who feels fascinated by this ancient culture and the kind-hearted Indian people can visit this website and start chatting absolutely for free and without mandatory registration. Judging by the feedback from many users of this website, the process of actual communication is extremely pleasant. The algorithm of indiandating.co.in was designed to bring people together in accordance not only with the place of living or common interests, but also on the basis of declaration about the type of relationships they are looking for, meaning that the user will be able to find here an interlocutor for intelligent conventions, a partner for a one-night stand and even the love of his or her entire life. Indiandating.co.in is a shining example of a perfect merger between the intimate human relationships and the modern technology seasoned with a marvelous Indian spirit. Thanks to its pleasant design, user-friendly interface, a well-elaborated algorithm and an enormous number of attractive people, you will definitely feel that your heart belongs in India.